'90 Day Fiancé': Is Jay Smith's New Girlfriend An Ashley Martson Replacement?

90 Day Fiancé stars Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have been the sources of some major drama lately. For those who haven’t been following their journey recently, Jay Smith was just released from ICE detention following an arrest after a court order violation. 

Now, according to Ashley Martson, Smith is not only refusing to sign divorce papers amid a battle over property, but also has a new girlfriend. To add a bonus layer, Martson is also claiming the girlfriend may be pregnant, and that she’s a stripper Smith saw frequently, possibly while with Martson. And it’s apparent that Jay Smith has a type, because his new girlfriend, does share some resemblances to Ashley Martson. 

Caught cheating

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The 90 Day Fiancé couple has had a tumultuous relationship, to say the very least. They were married in Las Vegas, but their honeymoon was cut short when Martson discovered Smith chatting with other women on Tinder. Martson filed for divorce, but took it back after eleven days and a health scare. 

Unfortunately, their marriage was cut short regardless. This time, Martson discovered that Jay Smith had cheated with her in a barbershop bathroom. Martson had a phone call with the other woman, who claimed not to know Smith was married at the time.

The woman told Martson, “I had come into the barbershop and getting ready to start the tattoo, and he kinda was like touching me, kind of caressing me and then one thing kind of just lead to another. We went into the bathroom and had sex.”

Martson has made it clear that she does not feel animosity towards the other woman since Smith never disclosed his marriage to her in any way. 

Is she an Ashley Martson replacement?

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Once Martson and Smith separated, things got hairier. Eventually, Smith landed in ICE detention in York County Prison, Pennsylvania, after violating a Protection From Abuse order. During his detention, Smith’s new girlfriend organized a GoFundMe to try and aid his release and legal fees. 

Since then, it’s been confirmed that the two are official. His girlfriend’s name is Kayla O’Brien, and if Martson is to be believed, Smith met her at a strip club. Martson wrote of Smith’s new girlfriend, “[Kayla] used to be a stripper and she has changed her career over to a bottle service girl now.”

Kayla told InTouch, “I was not a stripper first that converted to a bottle girl, I have actually always been a bottle girl lol it’s funny how much stuff she makes up by herself.”

Martson also told Us Weekly, “He was going to the strip club, like, many times a week. … Then someone had alerted me that, like, he was talking to one of the girls in there.”

Like Ashley, Kayla has blonde hair, and the two share some minor facial similarities. Some fans have been quick to point this out. One Instagram user commented, “I am 6’ blonde myself. I just meant the He seems to have moved on to quickly – to an Ashley lookalike – and he must think they grow on trees. Get it?”

Possibly pregnant

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Ashley Martson has also claimed that Kayla O’Brien may be pregnant. During an episode of the Dominick Nati Show, Martson said, “There’s already a lot of rumors going around that his girlfriend, who’s running the GoFundMe, is pregnant. … From what I saw — she was at court — she definitely looked like she could’ve been expecting.”

“I know his sister had posted something too, saying that she was pregnant or she was about to have a niece or nephew,” said Martson.

O’Brien, however, said, “[Ashley] also never saw my body in the courtroom, so her pregnancy speculations are trash, I was sitting the entire time.”

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