Cat who loves chilling in the fridge gets trapped for a few minutes

Our cats are into weird things but we love them for their quirks.

With the weather hotting up our feline friends need a way to cool down.

And Talia the cat has found the perfect way to do that. The cute black and white kitty jumps into the fridge every time her human Christine opens the door.

Naturally, owner Christine’s biggest fear is that she’ll close the door without realising the adventurous cat is hidden inside.

So one day when she absent-mindedly opened and shut the device, she was alarmed after not being able to locate Tali.

But Christine knew the fridge was a good place to search.

And of course, hiding behind a jug of water was a delighted Tali, enjoying the breeze.

She’d only been in there a few minutes and casually walked out as the door was opened.

‘Talia loves the fridge,’ Christine explained on her Tumblr page. ‘I don’t know why, but every time we open it, she bolts for it and jumps in.

‘She crawls into the back and nestles into the smallest corner she can.

‘Today I wasn’t watching the fridge and just opened it and closed it. And then I looked around and realised that Tali had been in the kitchen and now she was nowhere in sight.

‘So immediately, I throw open the fridge door and there she is, hanging out in the back, content as can be.’

Tali is unlike other cats too as she loves water. The four-year-old barn cat usually jumps in with Christine when she’s having a shower.

‘She loves to hop in the shower with us and cries for us to turn on the sink while she’s lounging in there. Nothing makes her happier than when someone pets her with wet hands.’

‘I think she simply jumped in for the same reasons most cats would — to get into a place they’re not supposed to be,’ Christine explained further to Bored Panda.

Or maybe she’s just clocked that the fridge is where all the fresh food is kept.

Smart kitty.

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