Dame Jane takes lead role at climate change summit

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The 87-year-old – one of the world’s top experts on primates – was today named as a COP26 advocate.

As part of her role Dame Jane, who is unsurpassed with her 60-year studies of chimpanzees, will address people around the globe on the importance of taking action against climate change. She will also highlight what needs doing to help the planet.

She said: “I am honoured to be given the title of COP26 advocate.We have come to a turning point in our relationship with the natural world.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that we must change our ways.

“In my 87 years, I have seen the ice melting in Greenland and the glaciers vanishing on Mount Kilimanjaro and around the world. Forests are disappearing – deforestation means we are losing one of the lungs of the world. In 100 days, it is crucial that world leaders come together at COP26 to take urgent action to protect our planet.”

Dame Jane will highlight the importance of forests, biodiversity and nature-based solutions in the run-up to November’s Glasgow conference.

Protecting natural habitats will be a key focus for the UK as hosts of the 26th UN conference. It is hoped the summit will seal agreements to preserve biodiversity, absorb emissions and improve people’s health.

Alok Sharma, COP26 presidentdesignate, said: “At the heart of Dr Goodall’s incredible career is showing why the protection of the natural environment and species matters.”

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