How to Watch the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Right From Your Couch

2023 is officially upon us, which means it’s *almost* time to forget about the truly traumatic year that was 2022 😬. And part of the spirit of ringing in the new year and ~starting over~ is watching the New York City Times Square ball drop, a celebration during which we’ll all collectively be saying good riddance to the dumpster fire year of 2022 and hello to the hopefully (please, god, hopefully) better days ahead in 2023. Whether you’re venturing out and watching the programming IRL (bless you) or wanna tune-in from the comfort of your own couch, here’s how and where and when to stream the New York City Times Square ball drop live this year.

First thing’s first: Will there even be a New Year’s Eve ball drop this year?

Uhm, absolutely! And here’s the tweet to prove it:

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