Kate Middleton’s ‘playful’ body language shows ‘strong’ relationship with Prince William

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have known each other since meeting at the University of St Andrews in 2001. Now, they are both working members of the Royal Family and will often step out together. What does their body language reveal?

Since joining the Royal Family, Kate has grown confident in her role as a senior royal.

She is no stranger to carry out engagements by herself and has done so consistently since becoming a royal.

The mother-of-one will also still often be seen with her husband for official events.

The Cambridges are known for their love of sport and are happy to take part in games at events.

When doing this over the years, body language expert Judi James explained the competitiveness of the couple.

She told Express.co.uk: “They have always been a hilariously and openly competitive couple, especially when they’re pitted against one another in any sport and they have always been the most relaxed and vivacious-looking when doing so.

“Recent poses seem to take that playfulness to a new level, with Kate what looks like helpless with laughter while a grinning and beaming William signals sharing and approval via some congruent signals of glee as he stands beside her.”

As well as enjoying each other’s company, the expert explained Kate has become more relaxed when they are together.

She added: “Kate’s body language has become so much more relaxed recently.

“She appears much less wary about being the centre of attention when she’s out with her husband.

“Her perfect smile is often swapped for the kind of open-mouthed, face-wrinkled laughter of what looks like genuine humour and delight and this is one of the best examples of that body language ritual.”

Judi claimed Prince William has often looked more serious when making public appearances.

However, recent trips with Kate may have shown that the royal has also become more relaxed.

Analysing pictures from one outing together, Judi commented on their playful relationship.

“William has often looked more serious and formal,” the expert explained.

“He adopts his signature fig-leaf pose with hands in a self-conscious barrier gesture in front of his pelvis.

“But now he is not only laughing with his wife, he also seems to be winding her up here too, and that sense of playfulness suggests very strong bonds.

“At one point he even places one hand in front of his face to shield it from public view as he seems to whisper to her privately.

“The way he claps her suggests more shared fun as he wears his widest grin to suggest total enjoyment of the moment.”

She explained their body language when together could suggest they have become stronger over the years.

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