Kristin Davis Shocked By Negative Criticism of 'And Just Like That' Cast's Appearance: 'I Feel Angry'

"I feel like, 'F— you. F— you people."

It’s been 17 years since “Sex and the City” went off the air — and, just like every single person who watched the show back in the day, the leads have all matured a bit in the interim.

And with the show’s revival “And Just Like That” thrusting Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte back into the spotlight, the cruel criticism of leads Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis’ appearance has returned as well.

Speaking with The Sunday Times, Davis opened up about some of the reactions she noticed after paparazzi photos of the cast filming the follow-up series popped up online when they started shooting, as well as to the show’s trailer ahead of the premiere.

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“Everyone wants to comment, pro or nay or whatever, on our hair and our faces and our this and our that. The level of intensity of it was a shock,” said Davis, who accused photographers of purposefully “trying to get bad pictures” of them on set.

“I feel angry and I don’t want to feel angry all the time, so I don’t look at it, I just know it’s there,” she said of how the criticism affects her — while also noting it’s nothing new.

“They would write articles every week about how I was ‘pear-shaped,’ which I didn’t feel was a compliment at the time,” she said of her earlier run on the show. “It would stress me out a fair amount because I couldn’t avoid it. I kind of feel like that’s how it is now too. But I also feel — I’m going to be blunt — I feel like, ‘F—  you. F— you people, like, come over here and do it better.’ You know what I mean? Like, what are you doing?”

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She went on to lament the role social media plays in the toxic reactions thrown her way.

“That’s the problem with social media, right, is that you don’t know what those people are doing. You don’t know anything about them. They’re just hurling bombs at you,” she added. “It makes me angry.”

Now 56, the new series highlights a different chapter of Charlotte’s life — as she raises two teenage daughters in New York City, while (SPOILER ALERT) also helping her best friend Carrie (Parker) deal with the death of her husband, Mr. Big (Chris Noth). His death, plus the absence of original star Kim Cattrall, has fans talking — see some of the most hilarious and heartbreaking reactions to the premiere below!

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