Love Island’s Tanyel’s procedures and what they are including ‘full face rejuvenation’

Love Island star Tanyel Revan underwent a massive surgical makeover to ensure that she was villa ready.

The 26 year old hairdresser, who is currently coupled up with PE and science teacher Kai Fagan, is estimated to have shelled out around £4,500 for a series of expensive facial procedures,

Among them, Tanyel is thought to have undergone permanent lip blush treatment, facial rejuvenation and a series of filler injections.

Dr Vix Manning, an aesthetics and facial specialist with more than two decades of experience, gave Jam Press an idea of what she thinks Tanyel’s had done. Here’s the list…

Full face rejuvenation – £2,000

Full face rejuvenation is a bespoke filler and botox treatment that aims to restore youthful fullness to the face.

Rather than spot injecting filler in one area – as you would for lip fillers – full face rejuvenation involves the use of dermal filler in all or most areas of the face.

Depending on the client’s needs, this can involve injections of both botox and filler to the cheeks, jaw, lips and more.

Dr Manning says that the client’s face is assessed in considerable detail and the procedure is expertly tailored to the individual.

Most clinics start their prices for this at £2,000.

Double chin fat removal – £1,000

Tanyel also opted for double chin fat removal before heading into the villa.

This treatment involves injecting a fat dissolver called Cincelar plus into multiple areas on her chin and neck to get rid of any double chin effect.

The procedure typically takes multiple rounds – up to four sessions – to complete, at around £250 a pop.

Permanent lip colour – £500

Tanyel ensured that her pout was always camera ready by undergoing a lip tattooing procedure, known as permanent lip colour.

Despite the name, the procedure is actually only semi-permanent and usually lasts several years.

The tattoo involves water based ink and can result in temporary swelling, but this usually goes down quickly.

Permanent brows – £500

Tanyel also opted for a similar procedure for her brows, which are also thought to be tattooed on.

This should keep them in place despite the high winds plaguing the new villa.

The price for permanent brows varies, but for a reputable provider it can be anywhere up to £500 for two sessions.


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