Below Deck’s Captain Sandy admits ‘this isn’t easy’ as stew fired

Below Deck Season 10 trailer

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Captain Sandy Yawn has taken command of the St David for the 10th season of Below Deck following the departure of Captain Lee Rosbach due to health concerns. Pulling double duty for the Bravo franchise hasn’t been easy for the Below Deck Mediterranean star, and on this week’s episode, she was forced to take action against new stewardess Camille Lamb.

The Below Deck captain informed Camille she’d be letting her go at the end of the latest episode, with the fallout set to air next week.

Camille has struggled with her duties onboard the St David this season as both a deckhand and stewardess.

She eventually joined the interior team under chief stew Fraser Olender, but her new role would end up being short-lived.

After frequent rows with second stew Alissa Humber, Fraser decided he had had enough and took his complaints to Captain Sandy.

In a confessional, he said: “I don’t know how many more chances I can give.

“I have hope in people, and no one believed in me, ever, and I turned things around for myself.

“I feel like I can see a little bit of that in everyone, so I always will give another chance.”

Unfortunately, Camille quickly broke Fraser’s trust when she was found drinking champagne whilst getting ready to serve a new group of guests.

“Seeing Camille come out with a pint-size glass of champagne just goes to show there’s truly no care or willingness to do the job,” he added.

“If they can’t play a role in supporting the bigger picture then they have no role on the St David.”

Sandy agreed that something needed to be done fast and brought Camille in for a meeting.

“This is not easy for me. I’m letting you go this morning,” she announced just before the credits rolled.

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Getting fired isn’t likely to be easy for Camille to take either, and the rest of what will undoubtedly be a heated talk will air next week.

Many fans were glad to see the stew finally getting punished for her poor performance this season and took to social media with their thoughts.

Twitter user Lashanda Walker wrote: “Camille cracked open the good champagne after doing absolutely no work.

“AND got the dog a** nerve to make a million excuses as to why the work ain’t done and why she deserved the champagne. Yeah Fraser I would have fired her a** right there too.”

Cayla Nicole said: “I’m so confused how ANYONE is taking Camille’s side.“She’s been lazy, drinking on the job, not finishing any job, on the bridge with Ben while she’s supposed to be working, constant attitude, etc… HOW.”

However, Lilly Faye admitted: “I have mixed thoughts about Camille being booted.

“I hate her but I also dislike Alissa. They both whine wayy too much and now that Camille is getting fired Alissa is gonna feel like she is vindicated.” (sic)

Camille’s firing could also be a wake-up call for Alissa, but fans will have to keep tuning in over the coming weeks to see if her behaviour improves.

Below Deck season 10 continues Mondays on Bravo with new episodes available to stream in the UK on hayu.

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