Meghan Markle’s friend Lucy Fraser: British pal who had ‘single girl summer’ with Duchess

One week on from the release of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s tell-all documentary Harry & Meghan, questions have continued to swirl about the explosive revelations raised in the Netflix series.

From claims of racial bias through to paparazzi spies, it’s certainly been an explosive week for the Royal Family – however one mystery that seems to have puzzled many fans, is who exactly is Lucy Fraser, Meghan’s British pal who features heavily in the series.

Viewers at home will have seen the British born blonde take centre stage in a number of candid clips throughout the series, but very little context was given to the length and depth of her friendship with Meghan.

It has since emerged that the pair have been friends for a number of years, with Meghan and Lucy, whose real name is Lucy Meadmore, believed to have first met in 2014 through Meghan’s lifestyle blog The Tig.

A seasoned PR professional by trade, Lucy came on board with Meghan to help pen a feature about Costa Rica, with the pair even jetting off together to explore and publicise the central American country.

From there, their friendship went from strength to strength, with the duo even sharing a number of star studded outings together in the year prior to their jet-setting “single girl summer” that was mentioned in the documentary.

The multi-stop summer trip, saw Lucy and Meghan joined by pal Lindsay Jill Roth as they travelled around Europe following Meghan’s split from then-boyfriend Cory Vitiello.

In a number of photos shared on Instagram, the trio could be seen draped in plush bathrobes, while sporting sunglasses and drinking Campari sodas together during the trip.

While another picture showed the women enjoying a trip to Greece as they posed for the camera during their Summer getaway.

During the documentary, it was also revealed that Lucy was instrumental in warning her friend of what to expect once her romance with Prince Harry went public.

Recalling the advice she had given to the star, Lucy told viewers in episode two of the series: “I remember saying to her, ‘When this goes public, it is not going to be easy. The UK media are notorious for doing whatever they can to get a story'.

”And that they go through rubbish bins, they'll try and break into accounts. They will do whatever they can to get an exclusive and make money," she continued.

"I remember she was quite shocked. And she was like, 'Really? They would do that?’ "

Described on Meghan’s wedding guest list as “a long time friend of the bride”, Lucy clearly holds a place near and dear to the Duchess’ heart, something Lucy herself confirmed as she discussed her time at the couple’s exclusive engagement party prior to their wedding in the Netflix series.

Recalling how the entire guest list had been asked to wear animal onesies, she affectionately explained how Harry and Meghan had chosen penguins, as they “mate for life.”

Lucy is also believed to have been one of just five friends that was granted Meghan’s blessing to speak to the press about the couple in 2019, and one of the few who openly criticised Meghan’s father after excerpts of a private letter he wrote to her were leaked.


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