Morrisons is making a major change to UK stores this month

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Morrisons is making a significant change to its stores, which will affect the layout and staffing in supermarkets across the UK. There will be 180 new jobs at Morrisons stores across the country.

Morrisons is expanding in store florists across the UK.

Customers who enjoy attractive blooms in their house will now have greater choice in many stores.

The chain is doubling the number of expert florists in stores to 180.

The bouquets will be created in store, freshly, made to order.

Across the UK there will be over 100 florists in Morrisons stores.

They will stock 75 different stems for customers to think of.

The stems will be delivered to stores each day from FlowerWorld, which is also owned by Morrisons.

Jane Watson, Flowers Manager at Morrisons said: “Flowers make people feel happier with their beautiful shapes, bright colours and scents.

“We work with some of the best growers in the world and have some of the best stems.

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“So we wanted to have the best florists in store to make bouquets for our customers.

“It’s been a difficult year for the flower industry, and we hope this also provides good job prospects for florists looking for work.”

Morrisons delivery has been updated recently, offering a same day option. 

This is progress that has been sped along by the coronavirus.

Shoppers have been able to pick up Morrisons products during the coronavirus crisis through Amazon.

Amazon Prime members can get same day delivery on these products when they spend more than £40.

The full range of Morrisons products is available to order in Leeds as part of a trial, but other locations can still choose from a limited selection of items.

All supermarkets are still adapting to the coronavirus pandemic in various ways.

Morrisons cafe has cut the price of food and drink by 50 percent. 

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