Mum-of-16 admits she uses pre-made meals of 4kg lasagne to feed massive family

Every parent knows it can be a struggle to make a meal that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Whether they hate certain vegetables or don’t like sauce there are plenty of things our kids will argue about.

But, when you have a whopping 16 mouths to feed you can’t compromise or you’ll be cooking all day!

And, even throwing a frozen meal in the oven can be a test with so many people to cater for.

Aussie mum, Jeni Bonell, knows this all too well thanks to her 16 children.

The mum, 51, lives with her husband, Ray, in Queensland alongside their seven daughters and nine sons.

Their huge brood is aged between 31 and six-years-old.

And, on Wednesday night, the mum posted a snap of a typical mid-week dinner online – and it surprised people

Alongside a ready made lasagne, the mum also served up a pre-made salad.

With that many kids, we’re pretty sure we’d do the same!

She captioned the post: "There’s nothing wrong with NOT ‘making everything from scratch'.

"If it’s good value, tastes good, saves time, fills bellies, then it’s ok with me."

However, the meal won’t have been cheap as to feed the whole family, mum Jeni had to buy four kilograms of pre-made lasagne.

While the box claims that each “family-sized” lasagne feeds 10 people Jeni claims this is not the case with her brood.

She added: "I'd say to get a good serving it's more like six serves, especially if you are serving teenagers or adults."

After all, we know how much teens can scarf down!

On Facebook a parent replied to the mum-of-16, and said: "I love having a few of these in the freezer.

"Good on days where too tired from work to cook but still have to parent."

Another added: "It's too time consuming to make lasagne so frozen it is.

“I’ve also bought bagged salad several times.

"I don't need a whole head of lettuce.

“It would go bad with two people. Love the convenience."

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Jenny has previously explained that her family gets through 72 eggs, 36 litres of milk and 30 chicken drumsticks in a week!

And, she has to purchase 1.5 kilos of spaghetti to make bolognese plus 1.5kg of mince and 700g of pasta sauce.


Their food bills must be through the roof!

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