‘RHOA’: Porsha Williams Teases A Lot Of ‘Ups & Downs’ Between Friend Groups For Season 13

Porsha Williams teased what kind of drama fans can expect going into Season 13 of ‘RHOA,’ which she described as the season of ‘friendship’ in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

Outside of RHOA, Porsha launched a new podcast called Porsha 4 Real with her mom, Diane, and sister, Lauren, as co-hosts on Nov. 18! “A lot of people have enjoyed us on The Housewives, our fun and just realness,” Porsha told HollywoodLife, referring to her mom’s and sister’s cameos on RHOA. This led Porsha to an epiphany. “I’m like, ‘You know? Let’s do a podcast. Let’s use that as a space where we can talk about everything’,” Porsha recalled. Now that she’s half a month into the podcast, Porsha revealed what she especially loves about this new project. “One of my most favorite parts of the show is when we do ‘Ask Us Anything’ and our listeners can ask myself some stuff, my mom, my sister and it is just some wild stuff that I found out about my mom and my sister on the podcast,” Porsha told us. “It’s just like a safe space to be for real.”

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