'Spacious' one-bed London flat with no room to sit up in bed is available for £600-a-month

A BIZARRE one-bed studio so small there's nowhere for residents to sit has gone on the market for £600 a month.

Despite optimistic agents describing the property in central London as "spacious", it's actually so tiny there's no room for a sofa.

And without the floor space needed for a bed, the creative owner has built a wooden frame to support a mattress close to the ceiling.

But the space is so narrow, only more diminutive renters will be able to sit up.

Tenants face scaling a ladder before crawling under the duvet on their hands and knees.

And waking up for a good stretch is out of the question for taller residents – as they'll be almost on eye-level with a smoke detector.

Meanwhile, the position of the wooden structure means visitors face ducking every time they walk in through the front door – or risk bumping their head.

There's little else in the flat besides a fridge, a microwave oven and some storage units.


Despite that, it's likely would-be tenants are queuing up for a viewing – because of the property's fantastic location.

While the new occupant must share a bathroom, they'll be just two minutes away from Marble Arch station, the world-class shopping in Oxford Street, and stunning Hyde Park. Rent also includes all bills.

Agents Morgans Property Consultants said the "spacious" flat has "lots of natural light and ventilation" and is in an "amazing" area of London.

The capital is well-known for properties which offer baffling solutions to small spaces – with the worst offenders to be found in Notting Hill.

Yesterday, we shared photos of the £1,300-a-month flat in the area with an unnerving-looking 'mezzanine' bedroom over the sitting room.

Tenants who fall out of bed will bruise more than just their ego – as they'll face a sheer drop from the mattress to the floor below.


A property nearby is currently on the market for a little under £800 a month – but it's missing one essential feature.

While the studio offers a shower, there's no toilet to be found.

Even more oddly, the listing doesn't mention a loo at all – leaving potential tenants to speculate about what they can expect if they decide to move in.

And a third flat in the exclusive area doesn't offer a bed or shower.

Agents describe the bedsit as "fully furnished" in a glowing ad on Gumtree.

However, according to the photos, the flat offers just a fridge, a small hob with two electric rings, a sink and a microwave.

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