Martin Kemp: ‘Recording music with wife helped get over Spandau Ballet drama’

Recording music with his wife helped Martin Kemp get over the ongoing drama of Spandau Ballet.

The bassist-turned-singer releases a collection of Big Band covers with ex Wham! star Shirlie called In The Swing Of It on November 22.

It was a breath of fresh air after dealing with his old band’s fall outs, reunions and splits over the years.

Martin told me: “This is the most pleasurable experience I’ve had working on music in a long, long time.

“Actually I forgot how much fun it was because when you’re with a band it becomes a bit of a machine, a process.

“The last time I had a record out with Spandau was 15/20 years ago and it’s brand new not being with my band and being with my wife.

“During this project I’ve seen Shirlie come to life.”

After unhappy singer Tony Hadley quit Spandau Ballet they hired a new vocalist last year only to split up again.

So will his bandmates be getting a copy of his and Shirlie’s music for Crimbo? At the SpecSavers’ Spectacle Wearer Of The Year Martin replied: “My brother (Spandau songwriter Gary Kemp) loves it, the other guys I don’t think have heard it.

“I’m not going knocking on ­people’s doors saying, ‘Listen to my record’ – if they want to they can.”

Martin has bigger fish to fry for his next musical move though.

He said: “I like Ed Sheeran but I turned him down.

“He wanted to collaborate but I said Ed, ‘Leave it out I have my ­missus to look after’ and he was a bit upset.”

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