One Direction: Harry Styles opens up on FAVOURITE memory from recording Golden

One Direction fans weren’t too happy about the band splitting up back in 2016. Despite this, they were thrilled to see each of the members of the band embarking on their own solo journeys, taking on music alone for the first time.

Harry Styles was one of these successful entrepreneurs.

His second album, Fine Line, hit huge amounts of success, bringing a number of fans from his One Direction days over to his new venture.

And while he has been very open about how he wrote and produced the album, he has also been quite open about his emotions during the recording process.

In an interview last year Styles spoke to Zane Lowe about his album as a whole, and how he created it.

Opening up on the intimate moments within his recording process, Styles explained: “[It was] so much fun.

“I’d say, probably, my favourite memory from making this – one of, at least – was the day we wrote Golden.

“We stopped and went to have dinner and we were all sat in the kitchen at [the recording studio] Shangri La.

“We kind of just played it on one guitar and everyone [was] kind of singing it around the table – and it just felt really good!”

Speaking about recording his album as a whole, he added: “It felt so much more joyous than last time.

“And I think that makes sense, because the first single was a seven minute piano ballad [Falling], so it would have been really weird coming out really joyous.”

While Styles has been doing well on his own in recent months, rumours have surfaced surrounding his reunion with the rest of the band.

The band have not been seen together for years, so as to not drive rumours about their reunion.

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And while their reunion has not been seen in person just yet, rumours suggest they will be getting back together by the end of the year.

Ladbroke recently placed the band’s likelihood of getting back together at a really strong 1/4.

Alex Apati of Ladbroke said: “2020 has very much been the year of surprises and 1D fans could be treated to a shock reunion in the next few months if the latest odds are anything to go by.”

This is excellent news for fans, as this year saw the tenth anniversary of the band’s initial formation.

Since then, the fandom has seen the boys praise their time in the band.

Because of this, they have been eager to see the collective get back together for one last tour, or perhaps even a new album.

But considering the band have all been working on their solo work over the past four years, they would certainly see the band working together differently.

As there are only a few months of 2020 left, will fans be granted a glimpse at the band’s reunion before next year?

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