£2,800-a-month London flat has ladder you need to climb to reach sleeping space

If you look at this flat and think something along the lines of ‘oh, that’s not too bad’ or ‘that’s quite a lot of space, actually’, it’s official: you’ve been renting in London for far too long.

The renting market in the capital city warps your mind.

You start to genuinely believe that paying thousands of pounds a month for a studio flat is fine, or that a house with a living room is asking a bit much.

This particular flat, by London standards, is pretty nice.

It has a proper living room and kitchen (with hobs and an oven, hooray), plus there’s space for a tub in the bathroom.

But there’s one feature that’s a little less dreamy: you’ll have to clamber up a ladder to reach the best bedroom spot.

There is a small bedroom (complete with a single bed) that doesn’t require ladder-climbing, but if you can be bothered to scale the heights, you’ll find a larger loft area that Foxtons, who are letting the property, describe as a ‘spacious sleeping space’.

Oh, and the asking price is £615 a week – or £2,817 a month.

Photos of the home show a wooden ladder in the midst of the reception room, leading up to a mezzanine level.

On that level sits a slightly-rusted table and a chair.

So yes, you’d need to somehow get a bed up there to make full use of the space.

A video of the property makes the flat look a little less impressive than the first impression created by the photos, revealing some stains below the kitchen window and cramped interiors in the living room.

Foxtons describe the flat, which offers 589 sq ft of space overall, as ‘a beautifully styled one-bedroom flat with a bright interior and a fantastic central location’.

They’re not wrong about the location. Sitting on Cleveland Street in Marylebone, the apartment is right by Regent’s Park and a short walk from Soho.

But is that worth shelling out nearly £3,000 a month? We reckon anyone who hasn’t been renting in London for years will say an easy ‘no’.

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