'Avengers 5' Will Reportedly Feature Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther Replacement and These Other MCU Heroes

Avengers 5 is still in the works despite all of the pandemic-induced chaos happening at Marvel over the past six months. All of the phase 4 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe planned for 2020 – plus the new Disney+ shows – keep getting pushed back further and further into next year. But the MCU will eventually see a team of new Avengers. When that happens, Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther replacement will join a new group of MCU heroes.

Marvel was planning to replace Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther before his tragic death

There is no question that Boseman’s untimely death in August affected Marvel’s plans. Boseman’s T’Challa was the star of one of the most successful solo films in the MCU. But according to We Got This Covered, Marvel has been planning to replace T’Challa as Black Panther for the past year

In 2019, they reported that Boseman wouldn’t leave the franchise. But, in either Black Panther 2 or 3, he would hand over the title to Shuri (Letitia Wright). This move would’ve allowed T’Challa to be the full-time king of Wakanda. And, he would’ve showed up in other MCU films.

Shuri’s takeover has also been a popular fan theory for a long time because that’s what happened in the comics. Shuri as Black Panther fits into studio boss Kevin Feige’s plans for a more diverse MCU.

It isn’t clear how Marvel plans to move forward with Black Panther 2 after Boseman’s death. But they do have options for Black Panther besides Shuri. They could go with Okoye, M’Baku, or Nakia. But Shuri as Black Panther appears to be the direction Marvel is heading.

Shuri’s Black Panther will reportedly be part of ‘Avengers 5’

The biggest question surrounding the Black Panther sequel is how they will handle Boseman’s death. Marvel does have the option of recasting the role of T’Challa. But that seems highly unlikely. The studio risks coming across as disrespectful to Boseman. Plus, it would be difficult for Marvel to find a willing and able replacement.

They could opt for a posthumous digital performance from Boseman. Just like The Rise of Skywalker did with Carrie Fisher’s Leia. But, the most likely option is for T’Challa to die off screen and give the Black Panther title to Shuri.

According to We Got This Covered, the third option is the direction Marvel is taking. But their plans for Shuri go beyond Black Panther 2. Insiders claim that Shuri’s Black Panther will also be a key part of the next Avengers team.

The new lineup reportedly includes Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, She-Hulk, War Machine, Sam Wilson’s Captain America, Wolverine, Yelena Belova’s Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Shuri’s Black Panther.

This is all speculation, as Marvel is keeping their plans close to the chest. But sources claim this is the direction Feige’s MCU is heading.

Will ‘Avengers 5’ feature the return of Ultron?

According to Inverse, a new fan theory claims that Avengers 5 could feature the return of Ultron. Fans will remember that the A.I.’s plan in Avengers: Age of Ultron was to destroy the world and then rebuild it the way he wanted. Ultron believed that starting over would save humanity. But his plans to bring humans back to life didn’t work out.

The new fan theory from Reddit user ZeekOwl91 claims that Ultron’s plan for humanity could result in the villain showing up in Avengers 5. They suggest that Ultron’s plan was to use Vibranium to give human’s a metal body like his.

“So part of his ultimate plan was to give humans metal bodies: so how would he go about this? Well that’s easy: One, he knew about the Vibranium mountain in Wakanda to give him all the metal he needed to create this next version of humanity, & two, he’d need the Infinity Stones to make his ‘Vision’ a reality,” ZeekOwl91 wrote.

Combining the Infinity Stones would allow Ultron to create an infinite loop and make him all-powerful. He could also bring humans back with a snap, and they would have Vibranium bodies.

The theorist believes that humans with metal bodies would be as indestructible as Ultron. It would also prepare humanity for all future threats. Fans will have to wait a while to find out if the theory is correct. Avengers 5 is most likely two years away, at least.

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