Coronation Street viewers sob as Leanne Battersby is told to switch off son Oliver’s life support

CORONATION Street fans were left sobbing on Wednesday evening after doctors told Leanne and Steve to turn off their son Oliver’s life support.

The youngster is suffering from brain damage from the unrelenting seizures caused by his mitochondrial disease and will never be able to breathe unaided again.

And in Wednesday night's episodes of Corrie, the doctors laid it out clearly for his parents Leanne and Steve – telling them how Oliver will never have quality of life again.

The doctor said: "As you know we wanted a second opinion on Oliver’s condition so this morning a specialist from the Wellcome centre in Newcastle came to see him. 

"And the main reason for that was to confirm that Oliver isn’t able to breathe on his own. I’m afraid he also confirmed that Oliver’s underlying mitochondrial and the seizures are causing irreversible damage to his brain. 

"And because the medication he requires to prevent those seizures is also a very powerful sedative, he also confirmed that Oliver will never be able to breathe unaided," she added.

"I’m so sorry and I know you need time to digest all this but I’m afraid the time has come for us. We need to talk about turning off Oliver’s life support."

Leanne refused to accept it and insisted that she had a German doctor who had an experimental treatment that could save Oliver’s life.

She arranged a consultation with the doctor that afternoon and was quizzed on Oliver’s health.

However instead of telling the truth, Leanne lied to the German doctor and told him that Oliver was much healthier than he was.

And despite Steve trying to tell the truth, she shut him down so Oliver could be considered for the treatment.

Later in the episode Leanne was told just how much the experimental treatment would cost – £500,000.

Fans were heartbroken for the parents – especially as it’s clear they can’t afford the treatment.

One person wrote: "#CoronationStreet just broke my heart could never imagine being told that news about my baby omg," while another simply tweeted: "So heartbreaking," followed by several crying and broken heart emojis.

A third viewer posted: "My heart can't deal, poor Oliver," while a fourth added: "@RealJaneDanson is heartbreaking to watch," referring to the actress who plays Leanne.

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