Corries Adam Barlow has awkward wardrobe malfunction after sex scene

Coronation Street's Adam Barlow has an awkward wardrobe malfunction after Sarah Platt sex scene.

Adam and Sarah have had sex in the office when the clothing malfunction occurred in the ITV soap.

The pair are currently trying to have a baby so are having sex as often as they can, when Sarah's half-brother David (Jack Shepherd) walks in on her coming out of the office doing her blouse up.

Adam who is played by Sam Robertson tells David in the scene that they are "officially stuck with each other," as they discuss Christmas plans.

David sarcastically replied telling Adam: "no, doubt you'll be sticking that down on the scrabble board come Christmas day."

Sarah asked her half sibling: "Would it kill you to be a bit more positive."

David went onto explain how he was being "realistic" due to the family nearly giving their mum a "heart attack" from arguing last year.

Adam is joining Sarah's family on Boxing day this year.

David tells Sarah their mum will: "Probably be dead, with this lot coming round."

As David goes to make a swift exit out of the office he awkwardly tells David: "You're flying low by the way."

The actor who is dressed in a blue open collar suit is quick to fix his zipper before joking they might have "made the worse decision of our lives," by making their families spend Christmas together.

Actress Tina O'Brien who plays Sarah recently spoke about how much she loves having her character being paired with Adam.

She said: "Sam (Robertson) and I have worked together for so long now and we get on really well,"

"It's interesting, though, as every time [Sarah and Adam] are happy, somebody throws a spanner in the works, which is a shame as I think they do have the recipe to be a really great couple."

For New Year's Eve the Corrie couple are trying to get their relationship off to a good start but a big blunder could see them derailed.

To ring in the New Year, Adam suggests to Sarah that they go to a posh hotel.

However, when the couple arrive for their romantic evening, the waiter makes a joke about Adam leaving his wallet last time he was there.

The comment leaves Sarah upset and wondering why he'd bring her to the same hotel where he slept with Carla.

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