'Counting On': Why Are Fans So Obsessed With Jana Duggar's Love Life?

29-years-old and never been kissed. Jana Duggar’s story seems like the plot for a romantic comedy. In fact, it was the plot of a romantic comedy, if you forget about all of the ultra-conservative Christian undertones of Jana’s life. With over a decade of her life documented on 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, the single Arkansas native has managed to garner a flurry of interest from fans. Why Jana, though? Why is everyone so obsessed with the eldest Duggar daughter’s love life?

Jana is the only single Duggar with an Instagram feed

The Duggar family has weird rules around social media. The children of the family are not allowed to download social media applications until they are involved in a relationship. Whether that’s for accountability purposes or for marketing purposes is unknown, but Jana managed to break protocol when she joined Instagram back in January 2019.

Initially, fans assumed that a courtship announcement wasforthcoming, but seven months later there are still crickets coming from theDuggar camp. The ability to peak into Jana’s life when she’s not on camera hasonly further fueled interest in the 29-year-old’s lifestyle.

Jana’s lifestyle is a little weird

Let’s be honest; it’s not strange for a 29-year-old to still be living at home. According to Vice, more 20-somethings are residing with their parents than in decades past. In fact, about 80% of people between the age of 15 and 29 live at home with their parents in countries like Italy.

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What is a bit strange about Jana’s lifestyle is how she’s being pigeonholed into the role of a child well into her 20s. She still sleeps in the same room as her much younger sisters and seems to be primarily tasked with keeping the house together and children fed while her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar do whatever it is that they do.

Jana is also not allowed to hold a job outside the home. John David, her twin brother, married just recently. His bride, who is around the same age, held down a nursing job while she awaited marriage. Jana hasn’t been given that option. Fans find the fact peculiar.

Jana finally talked openly about having multiple courtships

Fans were shocked when Duggar took to Instagram to let everyone know that she’s been in talks with men before. The goal of her statement was to dispel rumors that she was in a relationship with her close friend, Laura. The besties had been pictured together multiple times before fans began speculating that the 29-year-old might be in a same-sex relationship.

Jana’s admission suggested that she had had relationships inthe past, but none progressed to marriage. Fans never saw Jana’s courtships onfilm and had long assumed there just were never any to speak of. With the catout of the bag, Interest in Jana’s love life seemingly intensified.

Will fans ever see a courtship?

Fans may one day get to see Jana court a man on camera, butno one is holding their breath for that moment. Jana, much like her twin, seemsto be pretty private about life. She may be holding off on marriage until shecan date a man privately without cameras shoved in her face at every turn.

Alternatively, perhaps she’s not as concerned about moving onto married life as everyone seems to think she is. While her upbringing plainly taught her that marriage and children were her only potential path, Jana has traveled and experienced other cultures. She may be holding off on getting married because it’s not actually what she wants.

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