Does Marcus die in Ginny and Georgia?

Ginny & Georgia: Marcus Baker suffers motorcycle accident

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Ginny and Georgia is airing on Netflix and the series made its way into the streaming platform’s top 10. The teen drama focuses on student Ginny (played by Antonia Gentry) and her free-spirited mother Georgia (Brianne Howey). Ginny finds herself caught up in a love triangle with neighbour Marcus (Felix Mallard) and fans are keen to know whether he dies.

Does Marcus die in Ginny and Georgia?

Ginny and Georgia has become one of the most talked-about Netflix series this year as it deals with some controversial themes.

The drama sees Georgia move her family to New England so they can start a new life, following the untimely death of Georgia’s husband.

Ginny is forced to start a new school and make new friends, and she catches the eye of her neighbour and fellow student, Marcus.

Their relationship evolves quickly and Ginny ends up having sex with Marcus, while at the same time dating Hunter (Mason Temple).

Fans are wondering who Ginny will ultimately choose to be with and they are keen to find out Marcus’s fate.

At the end of the series, he was seen visiting Ginny so he could apologise for a previous argument.

However, Ginny is more interested in escaping with her younger brother after she found out the truth about her mother’s dark past.

When Marcus tried to make amends, Ginny pushed him aside and even stole his motorbike so she could make a speedy exit.

Thankfully Marcus is still alive at the end of the series, so he will hopefully feature in a potential season two.

There is, however, a chance he will find himself in trouble if he goes in search of Ginny.

He is prone to seeking out danger and he was involved in a motorbike accident which left fans fearing for his life.

During the scene, Ginny’s voice is heard saying: “When you don’t have a voice, you have to scream somehow”.

The scene shows a teary-eyed Marcus riding off into the night while it is raining, and he starts to wobble on the bike.

When he is out of view, fans could hear a crash and it sounded like Marcus had collided with an oncoming car.

He had just confessed his love for Ginny, but she was distracted by her personal family issues and started shouting at him.

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Following his motorbike crash he ended up with a severe concussion, but the result could have been so much worse.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss his character, with one saying: “I like Marcus but I also find that he has some serious abuse issues. Like when Ginny rejected him, he literally got in an accident on purpose, as revenge. I hope the showrunners address this.”

Others do not believe he crashed on purpose, but they do think he was aware he should not have been riding the bike.

Another said: “Yea, angry kid taking off. But if you’ve never ridden before… Also, it was rainy with a bunch of leaves on the ground. Even after riding for 15 years, nights like that one make me think twice.” (Sic).

Many viewers have questioned his mental stability following the incident, with one saying they hoped his “reckless behaviour” does not continue.

Some fans believe Marcus deserves better than Ginny after the way she treated him before the motorcycle crash.

One said: “I yelled so loud at the TV when Ginny said all those mean things to Marcus before he rode off on his motorcycle.”

They will have to wait and see whether Marcus attempts to track down Ginny in a second season, albeit he will need another mode of transport.

There is a chance he will find himself in more danger if he continues to delve deeper into Ginny’s personal life.

Ginny and Georgia is streaming on Netflix now.

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