EastEnders Linda crushed by Janine, Emmerdale Nicky caught and 23 soap spoilers

Heartbreak and horror is on the cards for some of soap’s finest next week, with big discoveries set to be made, while others endure terrifying ordeals that will change everything.

EastEnders deals with a number of big developments, including a shock proposal, a boxing match and a blast from the past causing trouble for Linda Carter, who is also upset by the actions of her mate Alfie Moon.

Over in Coronation Street, a devastating acid attack takes place as stalker Justin takes things to a disturbing new level on the day of Daisy Midgeley’s wedding, while Amy Barlow bravely reports her rape ordeal to the police.

Emmerdale, meanwhile, sees Gabby Thomas and nanny Nicky caught out, leading to a rather shocking series of events, while Mandy Dingle is determined to be there for Paddy at all costs.

Over in Hollyoaks, Mercedes McQueen makes friends with newcomer Sharon Bailey, played by none other than Jamelia, and Tony Hutchinson is spooked when he receives word of a late-night intruder.

But is everything as it seems?

For all this and more, plus a round-up of other soapy highlights of the week (March 27 to 31), you’ve come to the right place so grab a cuppa, sit back and read all about the drama coming up in soapland.


1. Keanu is determined to prove his love for Sharon on the opening day of Boxing Den and therefore, in front of everyone present, he gets down on one knee and proposes! Sharon runs out, angry at him for what he’s done, but will some advice from Kat persuade her to take a chance on love?

2. Linda frets as she waits for an update from her lawyer on the status of Janine’s plea and starts to worry about the potential of a trial. Sharon and Alfie rally around Linda and convince her to attend the gym opening. At the gym, Linda and Alfie bond over their shared history with boxing, and Linda later gets an update on Janine.

3. Lola is busy making preparations for her charity fundraising event, but is stopped in her tracks when the hospital ask her to come in for an early appointment. Jay tries to hide his concerns from a panicked Lola, and remains optimistic about the visit.

4. Rocky reveals to a stunned Sonia that he’s got a secret wife! Sonia is disgusted, but the con-man’s attention is soon elsewhere when Freddie tracks down Jo, his wife, who walks towards No.45, revealing her identity to a stunned Kathy!

5. Sonia and Reiss discuss the situation with Kathy and Rocky with both sympathising with the other person. With Reiss’ words ringing true, Sonia heads over to Kathy’s to try and convince her to give Rocky another chance. Having been touched by Reiss’ actions, she invites him to visit Bangkok to meet Bex, but Reiss isn’t convinced by the idea and he explains he can’t afford it.

6. Lola asks Emma to join her and Lexi’s girly night in. Emma awkwardly declines the offer, which raises alarm bells with Jay, who fears that Emma is unable to cope with Lola’s declining health.

7. Sam and Alfie drink together in The Vic as they speak about their respective failed love lives. A tipsy Sam and Alfie share a joke about his relationship with Linda, unaware that she is listening. Upset, Linda later confronts Alfie.

Coronation Street

8. Daisy is convinced her wedding is cursed as she wakes up with a bloodshot eye. Ryan, meanwhile, is forced to step in as chauffeur, while Jenny and Glenda help Daisy to look a million dollars. Daisy and Ryan, however, are stunned to find Justin lurking in the pub, with the stalker telling Daisy no one will want her after this, as he throws acid at her.

9. Summer reads a text on Aaron’s phone suggesting to Amy that they put things behind them, which leaves her suspicious. Determined to get answers, Summer demands to know what’s going on. Aaron says that he and Amy slept together the night they broke up, leaving her devastated, as she confronts Amy who bursts into tears and assures her she’s got it all wrong – before revealing to Tracy how Aaron raped her. Steve and Tracy urge Amy to report Aaron to the police, which she ultimately does.

10. Amy reveals to Summer that Aaron raped her. Summer, however, is left shocked and accuses Amy of lying. But Amy explains she never consented to sex with Aaron – and the police are taking her allegation seriously.

11. Stephen lies to the factory staff, assuring them he’s got a meeting to finalise the American deal this afternoon. Having consulted Stephen’s diary, Michael demands to know why there’s no mention of the meeting with the Americans.

12. When Beth agrees to meet Marco, as he wants to organise a school reunion, Glenda warns her to steer clear. As they meet in a hotel bar Beth realises she should have listened to Glenda. Will she cheat on Kirk?

13. Brian tells Mary he’s joined some family tree websites in the hope of tracing his Italian relatives.

14. Dee-Dee offers Paul some filing work at the solicitors. Adam makes his disapproval clear but Dee-Dee’s adamant she’ll pay him out of her own pocket.

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The entire 2013 series of Neighbours is now available to stream! (Picture: Amazon Freevee)

Neighbours has updated its selection of classic episodes on Amazon Freevee, with the entire 2013 series now available to stream.

The year in question was another big one for the residents of Ramsay Street, with the arrival of the Turner clan, plus the absolute icon that is Rebekah Elmalogou, who made her debut as Terese Willis.

An entire year of the Aussie soap is expected to drop on Amazon Freevee every month, allowing fans the chance to revisit some of its best years in full ahead of the show’s comeback in Autumn.

More information on how to access Amazon Freevee here.

Al resorts to extreme measures to protect someone he loves – will it backfire? (Picture: BBC / Long Story TV / Rob Durston)

Hope Street continues on Fridays, and the third outing of the second series proves to be the biggest to date, with it being something of a big episode for newcomer DI Al Quinn, who resorts to some pretty drastic measures when an ATM machine is stolen. Friday March 31 at 1:45pm on BBC One.

Rose and Mali talk in Home and Away (Credits: Seven)

Home and Away continues weekdays on Channel 5, and there’s tension between newcomer Mali and Rose next week, with the former believing the latter should’ve informed him that she’s a cop. Is their potential romance going to be stopped in its tracks before it even really gets going?

Catch up with Close friends over on STV Player, with the next dose of Brookie up for grabs (Picture: Lime Pictures / Channel 4)

Brookside continues on STV Player, with an additional five episodes from 1983 set to drop on Wednesday, but what’s in store this week for the residents of the close? Gordon has some words of advice for Annabelle – but just what will he have to say? Wednesday March 29 on STV Player.

More information on how to watch here.


15. Samson is hailed as a hero after Sarah calls for an ambulance while he’s babysitting, noticing that Esther has a temperature. Noah hates that Samson is receiving such praise, and Samson takes things to the next level, blackmailing Noah for even more money, before withdrawing his offer to look after Esther, leaving Amelia devastated. The truth is subsequently revealed and Samson faces questions from all angles, with ashamed Sam ordering him out of his home.

16. Nicky’s contract is up for renewal, and Kim decides to make him permanent, much to his and Gabby’s joy, with the secret couple heading upstairs to celebrate. Gabby, however, is hit with a wave of nausea, with Nicky proving as supportive as ever, and the pair end up getting hot and heavy in the kitchen – that is, until Caleb walks in and catches them!

17. Mandy is determined to be there for Paddy, who is left heartbroken when Eve doesn’t want to spend time with him. But with a beauty awards ceremony on the horizon, will Mandy miss her big night in a bid to be there for her beloved Paddy?

18. Mackenzie is taken aback to learn that Chloe is having a baby boy, and it’s clear that he’s struggling more than ever, knowing he’ll never be a part of the baby’s life, with Chloe reinforcing such a thing during a heated discussion.

19. Billy and Dawn go to court to find out if they’ve got full custody of Clemmie and Lucas, but scheming Naomi encourages Alex to go to fight for his kids, unaware that he’s up to no good, as he later wrenches open the door to the pharmacy to steal all the drugs.

20. Charles discovers what Alex is up to and makes it his mission to call the police, but Alex quickly makes off with the drugs in his possession. Naomi refuses to believe the truth about Alex (again), and thus Charles goes out for a drive to clear his head. Alex, meanwhile, is knocked down by a passing car.


21. Maxine joins Diane and Tony as they await news from the court, but will Eric get the sentence he deserves? Tony is stunned in subsequent scenes when he receives a message from Eric, who asks him to visit him behind bars. Diane, meanwhile, is worried about her husband and accompanies him to the visit, hoping to bring this chapter to an end.

22. Friendships blossom as Mercedes opens up to Sharon about why her and Felix don’t have DeMarcus’ blessing. The new doctor offers to have a word with the concerned teen to help heal the wounds that have been created in the family, but will her plan pay off?

23. CCTV footage shows a hooded intruder inside The Dog moving furniture and vandalising the pub.

24. Sally makes a shock discovery, realising that the McQueens house has been sold.

25. Tom is baffled by the fact that work hasn’t begun on repairing the Grand Bazaar, and therefore he confronts Cindy on the matter, hoping she can provide an update in regards to what’s going on. Cindy, out of options, decides to give him the answers he’s looking for, but Tom is less than pleased when he discovers that they’re not insured!

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