‘Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter Of Terror’: First Look At Lush New Art For Ahoy’s Boozy Comic

The legacy of Edgar Allen Poe is, no surprise, a weird one. The author of The Raven remains a household name almost 170 years after his mysterious death but somehow Poe’s most enduring literary innovation (he invented the detective story) is widely overlooked. The Boston-born writer’s lurid death at age 40 while passing through Baltimore remains an unsolved mystery but its local infamy led to the Baltimore Ravens, the only NFL squad named after a poem.

Poe’s legacy is only getting weirder these days with Ahoy Comics and its comics magazine series Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror, an admirably bizarre concoction that is equal parts Tales from the Crypt and Drunk History. The boozy author retells his tales of horror and mystery and things get (you guessed it) pretty weird.

Today, Deadline has an exclusive first look at the cover for issue No 1 for upcoming Season Two of Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror. The painted cover is lush (not unlike the title character) and it shows Poe delivering a haymaker to the jaw of Adolf Hitler, the mad tyrant of Nazi Germany.

Comic book fans who know the Golden Age of Marvel Comics will recognize the incongruous image as a parody of Captain America Comics No. 1 from 1941, the landmark issue from the titan tandem of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

The cover image is the work of Richard Williams, one of the great modern-era Mad Magazine artists. Williams got his start at Mad in 1983 with a classic (and clever) cover contribution that mashed-up the NBC hit series The A-Team with Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in the daft manner that made the magazine famous. Williams specializes in Hollywood parodies and we’ve included a few of those below as bonus content.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror (Season Two, Issue No. 1) is written by Dean Motter and Hunt Emerson and features art buy Motter, Alex Ogle, and Emerson. Richard Williams painted the cover.The issue hits stories on Oct. 9, the same month that Ahoy will publish a single volume trade paperback collecting up the entire Season One.


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