Jade Goody's husband Jack Tweed says 'miss you – never forgotten' as he posts tribute on 12th anniversary of her death

JACK Tweed has paid an emotional tribute to his late-wife Jade Goody on the anniversary of her death.

Widower Jack, 33, said he would “always miss” the Big Brother star who died aged just 27.

Her death from cancer 12 years ago came at the end of a brave fight with the disease which touched hearts of the nation.

Today in a moving post on Instagram, Jack, 33, shared a picture showing him, Jade and her two sons.

He wrote next to it: “12 years…never forgotten. Miss you.”

Jack’s tributes comes days after he told the Sun he was still struggling to live without his late wife.

While he’s overcome the deep depression that followed Jade’s death from cervical cancer, Jack said he’s “still not 100 percent” the man he was before losing her.

In the years since, he’s battled alcohol and cannabis addiction as well as suicidal thoughts.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, he said: “I didn’t know how to deal with it when I was young. I didn’t know what else to do.

“All I could think about was how depressed I was and I would just sit there and just constantly think about Jade.

“So I’d just have a drink every day, it would go from there.

“Then I’d get pictured having a drink and people would think I don’t care about anything.”

While his family did their best to support him by encouraging him to seek counselling, Jack admits he ignored their advice and lost control.

“I’d just sit at home, think about Jade, start crying and then think the only thing to do was go out and drink vodka,” he said.

“I wish I didn’t do that and I wish I dealt with it a different way.

“I still drink now but not every day – maybe once every couple of weeks or once a month.

“I started smoking weed after I stopped drinking, and I went through a stage where I got really, really depressed.

“I replaced the booze for weed and it took me a good four months to get rid of it, to get out of the habit of smoking every day – I was spending £100 a day.

The constant substance abuse eventually took its toll and Jack was left at breaking point.

“I was just blocking everything. I got to the stage where I was just so, so depressed and down and I just didn’t know what to do with my life and I went to see my mum.

“I sat down with my mum for about four hours, just crying, thinking I just didn’t want to be here anymore. I just wanted everything to end.

“I just didn’t have any energy. All I could think about was committing suicide. I just wanted to just go asleep and not wake up.”

Thankfully, daily talks with his mum and antidepressant medication helped his outlook improve.

He said: “Just spending time with my mum. Basically, just going shopping, just to take my mind off everything and make me feel like I was half normal.

“And then that was it, I done that for a couple of months and then I started taking some anti-depressant tablets.

“I think I took them for like seven months, eight months and then that was it. And then since then, I wouldn’t say I’m a hundred percent but I’m getting through. I’m not depressed anymore.”

Jack previously told how he "desperately misses her sons" Freddie and Bobby, on the 12th anniversary of her death on Mother's Day.

He recently exclusively told The Sun he has found love again but says "noone compares" to Jade.

Jack later was first to tell The Sun his new love isn't on speaking terms with him at present, courtesy of his repeated references to Jade.

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