Love Island – Seven of the most explosive rows EVER on the show, from Kady and Malia to Terry and Malin

LOVE Island has seen a number of explosive rows erupt in the famous villa since its return to ITV2 in 2015.

With this in mind, we take you through some of the almighty rows that have kicked off since 2015.

Seven of the most explosive rows EVER on Love Island

Tears and tantrums are never far away in the Love Island villa.

And the drama is played out on screen for the viewers to see over recouplings, spilt wine and loyalty.

So here's a blast from the past as we round-up seven of the most explosive arguments on the show…

Anna and Jordan – 2019

Anna lost her cool when she found out by girl pal Maura that Jordan was cracking on with India in the villa.

The drama unfolded after Curtis opened up to Maura about Jordan's feelings for India, stressing that his head had been turned by the brunette and that his relationship with Anna was more or less heading down the drain.

Viewers were appalled by the model's behaviour, especially since it had just been days prior when he'd asked Anna to be his girlfriend.

So, during a chat with India, Maura took Anna to the side, telling her that her beau was making moves behind her back, which prompted the Kim Kardashian lookalike to confront Jordan.

The situation escalated to the point where insults were being thrown from left to right, and even other Islanders such as Amber came to Anna's defense, questioning Jordan's intentions to suddenly change his mind and crack on with another Islander.

The most embarrassing part, however, was that India had no interest in Jordan, subsequently putting him in a very vulnerable position given that Anna had no interest to stay coupled up with him.

Kady and Malia – 2016

Well we have to kick things off with Kady McDermott and Malia Arkian's argument, which is the biggest row that has every happened on Love Island.

Malia was actually ejected from the villa because of it – despite only arriving that evening.

It all started when Kady spilled some wine accidentally on Malia, who leapt from her seat, and questioned whether it had been done on purpose.

Kady claims that Malia injured her when she "punched her in the nose" making it "bleed".

Anna Vakili and Michael Griffiths – 2019

The former friends got into a heated argument after Michael picked Joanna Chimonides, who he had only known for a few days, over Anna's friend Amber Gill, who he was coupled up with for around four weeks.

Struggling to understand Michael's decision, Anna pulled him to one side and questioned why he had "led her on" for weeks.

However, the conversation turned sour quick and Anna was seen shouting at Michael "you're fake", before he branded her "pathetic"

Chris Hughes and Sam Gowland – 2017

Chris and Sam almost came to blows over a girl in the villa.

Olivia Attwood had been coupled up with Sam, but when hunky Chris waltzed into the villa, it was bye bye Sam.

The Geordie Shore star claimed that Chris was being "sly" and "snakey" which saw a little shove.

Immediately the boys leapt from their seats to stop any fisticuffs happening.

Ellie Brown and Georgia Steele – 2018

It all kicked off when "loyal" Georgia went on a date with Jack Fowler, and kissed him, despite him being coupled up with her pal Laura Anderson.

She also said he came on to her (which we know is a fib).

But an almighty argument started when Ellie called out Georgia for her behaviour, saying she was only saying she was "loyal" rather than actually showing it in her actions.

Georgia shouted at her, as did Ellie, until Ellie really put an end to the fight when she branded Georgia an "ugly c***."

Jon Clark and Hannah Elizabeth – 2015

When didn't these two argue?

They were coupled up from the first day and enjoyed a VERY fiery relationship.

But the most memorable row was when Jon was heading out for a night with the boys in Magaluf with Calum Best, and Hannah was NOT happy.

While Hannah was doing her hair, she kept shouting at Jon about his night out, saying things like "talk to a few scruffs in Magaluf".

Jon kept retaliating and shouting back at her, with the argument getting more and more heated.

Malin Andersson and Terry – 2016

Although this didn't involve screaming or shouting, it was one of the most awkward fights in Love Island history.

Malin confronted Terry over his relationship with Emma-Jayne Woodhams in the villa, which happened the minute she left the show.

After Malin was booted out of the villa, and "boyfriend" Terry didn't go with her, he wasted no time at all (the sheets were barely cold!) in getting hot and steaming with new girl Emma.

So later in the series Malin returned to confront him, and it was not pretty.

The showdown took an even more awkward turn at the end when Terry accidentally walked away with Malin's sunglasses instead of his own.

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