Married At First Sight Australia's Jessika Power aims dig at Cyrell Paule with sexy snap after she hurled wine at her

MARRIED At First Sight star Jessika Power has aimed a dig at Cyrell Paule after she threw a glass of wine in her face.

The pair, whose rumbling feud came to a head during the cast's big reunion, have long clashed with one another.

Posing in lingerie with a sex toy in one hand, Jessika posted a message aimed straight at Cyrell, who is nicknamed 'Cyclone'.

Jessika wrote: "We are all on the journey to grow into women that can stand tall and proud (even in the midst of a CYCLONE! 🌪🍷)."

One fan replied: "Even in the midst of a cyclone" love it 🤣💗."

Cyrell, 31, confronted Jessika at the dinner table fuming over comments about her relationship.

She admitted calling her relationship with Love Island's Eden Dally "fake" but denied saying anything bad about their baby.

And in the row that followed, Cyrell lobbed a glass of wine in her face – leaving her racing away in tears.

She later sobbed: "To be angry at me like that… because I've never once said a bad word about Cyrell and her son.

"I feel disappointed and feel let down. Sorry.

"I didn't buy in to the drama, and I walked away when I should've… when I normally would have reacted, and I'm proud of myself tonight."

Cyrell said: "I've always said Jess is jealous. She can't comprehend that Eden chose me and had committed to me, and that she will always be a one-night stand."

Jessika and Cyrell are at the heart of much of the drama on Married At First Sight Australia, which was filmed in 2018 but is only airing in the UK on E4 now.

Viewers were open-mouthed in horror last month as stunning Jess slid over to Nic Jovanovic and purred that she was "sexually attracted" to him.

A day earlier, Martha had claimed that Nic rubbed Jessika's leg suggestively under the table during a dinner party.

That sparked an almighty row between her and hot-headed Cyrell Paule that saw a plate fly across the room.

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