'RHOC': Did Tamra Judge Shade Lauri Peterson and Who Does She Not Want to See Return?

Tamra Judge from The Real Housewives of Orange County gave some pretty direct answers to questions she was asked when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Not one to mince words, Judge was asked during the nationally televised and After Show about cast members from the past. While she offered a positive remark about one alum, she wasn’t thrilled with a few other women. Especially if those women were to return to the series.

One After Show caller asked Judge who she’d choose to move into Vicki Gunvalson’s spot, now that she’s no longer a main cast member. Before Judge would answer she defensively said Gunvalson is on the show. “First of all, [Gunvalson is] still on the show,” she said. “She’s still very much a big part of the show. And you can’t replace Vicki. She’s the OG of the OC.” But a comment from co-guest, Betty Gilpin prompted this response from Judge.


As host Andy Cohen tried to move onto the next caller, actress Betty Gilpin from Glow had an answer of her own of who could move into Gunvalson’s spot. “Or Lauri,” she remarked. “I loved Lauri.”

Judge looks on and says, “Lauri was very good.” But, “She was kinda boring,” Judge says shaking her head. “Kinda boring, kinda boring. I’m not gonna lie.” As Judge continues, Cohen grins looking off stage.

Then Judge adds, “F**king boring.” This comment produces laughter from Cohen as he tosses his head back. Although he and the audience are nervously laughing, Cohen says nothing about the comment and dives into the next call.

This may be why Tamra said Lauri was ‘boring’

Viewers may recall the last time Peterson appeared on RHOC, she hinted that Gunvalson had a three-way. One of the memorable OC scenes was on the ski slopes as Gunvalson has a full-on meltdown in front of the cast screaming that she’s never had multiple partners.

When Peterson appeared on WWHL in 2013 she discussed exactly what she said. “I was very clear that when I walked into the room, they were just under the covers,” she says, Reality Tea recounts. “I couldn’t see what they were doing. It wasn’t the first time, it was the second time, same people.  I didn’t want to say that it was a sexual relationship because I didn’t know. So I made it very clear to her at the time.  I wanted her to make sure that I wasn’t positive.”

Later in the show, Peterson was asked which cast member she wast upset with for spreading gossip about Gunvalson. “I was more upset with myself for saying anything. to anybody,” she admitted. “I kind of wish I had listened to Gretchen’s situation and then gone to Vicki, but I was more upset with Tamra for the way she delivered the information, which was so far from what I said.”

This is the cast member misses the least

While Judge made it clear, in her opinion, Peterson was too boring to return, there’s one cast member she’d definitely not like to see on the show. Cohen listed three OC alums and asked her to rank which ones she missed the most to least. The list included Heather Dubrow, Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi.

Judge’s response was not very surprising. “I miss Heather Dubrow the most,” she says. “Alexis the middle. And Gretchen the least.” She says Rossi’s name while making a sour face.

Of course, the comment sparked a flurry of fan comments on Twitter and Instagram about which lady they’d like to see return.

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