Salma Hayek Mistakes Cole Sprouse for Being on ‘Stranger Things’

The ‘Drunk Parents’ actress is reaching out to the ‘Riverdale’ star on social media to offer her gratitude after he sent her daughter a special video message.

AceShowbizSalma Hayek has heaped praise on Cole Sprouse for sending her daughter a video message.

Valentina, 11, is a big fan of the “Riverdale” star and her mum used her celebrity to get a special message to him, but it seems she’s not clear what show he’s on.

In her Instagram thank you on Thursday, August 15, Salma wrote: “Cole, you’re the best. Muchas gracias. @colesprouse #strangerthings.”

The Mexican star’s fans were quick to point out her mistake and she later fixed the hashtag to the appropriate “#riverdale”.

In his video message to Valentina, Cole said, “Valentina, where are you Valentina? I’m in this grand empty room at Comic-Con and I was told you were going to be here but you’re not so I had to send a video to you instead. If you ever see me, come say hi!”.

Cole was at Comic-Con last month (July 2019) promoting “Riverdale”, while Salma appeared as part of the Marvel Studios panel for the upcoming “The Eternals” film.

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