Seven huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Suki Panesar’s evil plan and Sharon's huge discovery about Linda

SUKI Panesar hatches a plan to turn the Slaters’ house into flats next week in EastEnders.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in Albert Square next week…

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1. Linda flirts with Max

It all kicks off in Walford next week as Linda confides in Max about her new business idea.

Spotting an opportunity, Max later persuades Bobby to expand the age restriction on the Lucy Beale grant. 

But watching Linda’s reaction to the news, Sharon grows suspicious and tells Max to leave her alone.

2. Sharon confronts Linda

Later in the week, Sharon warns Linda not to be sucked in by Max, but she insists he’s just a friend. 

Later, Max takes Abi to Linda’s to assist with her business idea.

Keeping Sharon’s comments in mind, Linda tries to be guarded but can’t help flirting with Max. 

3. Linda turns to Mick

Later, Linda notices Ruby watching her and tells her she isn’t drinking. 

But when Ruby makes some harsh comments, Linda can’t help herself and steals a bottle before legging it. 

Luckily, she stops herself from drinking it and calls Mick, but will he come to her rescue?

4. Kathy demands her money back 

Kathy coldly tells Ian she wants her cafe mortgage money back. 

Knowing full well that Ian can’t afford to pay her, is she just teaching Ian a lesson?

Or will Ian have to go to even greater lengths to find the money to pay her back?

5. Suki hatches a plan 

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Suki hatch a plan to turn the Slaters’ house into studio flats. 

But Ash is unimpressed when Suki admits she hasn’t told the Slaters about her plans. 

6. Ian is sucked in

Later in the week, Suki spies Ian in the restaurant and tries to get him on side.

Ian is intrigued when she remarks they can help each other.

Later, Suki arrives to speak to Ian and asks Iqra to keep an eye out while they speak privately. 

EastEnders has teased that Iqra will be horrified by what she discovers next.

What is Suki up to?

7. Iqra kicks Tina out

Ash continues to lie about her whereabouts – much to the dismay of Iqra. 

When Iqra confronts her, it soon becomes clear she can’t stand living with Tina. 

Iqra agrees to tell Tina she needs to move out, but she’s mortified when Tina walks in on their conversation. 

Later, Tina asks Kathy if she can stay with her for a bit, but Tina tells her she’s preoccupied with her thieving son Ian.

With actress Luisa Bradshaw-White bowing out of the soap later this year, it's looking like becoming homeless next week could be the beginning of the end for Tina.

Will she find a roof over her head?

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