Spoilers: Denise cheats on Jack with Ravi in EastEnders sex scandal?

Denise (Diane Parish) is really going through the ringer in EastEnders, as she struggles to regain the passion in her relationship with Jack (Scott Maslen).

Things between them have grown increasingly difficult since the discovery of Amy’s (Ellie Dadd) mental health problems and battle with self harm.

In upcoming scenes, Denise is set to row with Amy once again when she discovers that she has been skipping school, leaving Amy feeling as though Denise doesn’t care about her.

This in turn provokes Jack, and he snaps at her in anguish.

Upset by their confrontation, Denise takes herself off to Peggy’s, where she begins to drown her sorrows alone.

However, she is soon joined by a friendly face in the form of Ravi (Aaron Thiara), who offers her a shoulder to cry on.

As the alcohol flows and the pair continue to talk, things between them start to grow flirty, and soon Ravi offers to walk her home.

On the walk back to the house, Ravi takes his opportunity and leans in for a kiss…

Will Denise give into temptation and betray Jack?

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