Spoilers: Tim makes a shock decision amid his illness in Coronation Street

You’d think Tim (Joe Duttine) would have learned his lesson on Coronation Street about lying about his medical situation to Sally (Sally Dynevor) – look at the mess that ensued when he tried to hide his heart condition from her in the first place.

The poor man has been having an embarrassing problem that has left him and Sally frustrated and stressed at bedtime – and we’re not talking about insomnia.

Finally Tim agrees to go and see the doctor, and the ever-supportive Sally offers to go with him. He insists that it’s something he wants to do by himself, but when Kirk (Andrew Whyment) finds him hanging around outside the medical centre, it’s clear that Tim is too embarrassed to go in for his appointment.

Instead, he makes and excuse and leaves as quickly as possible.

Back at home, Sally’s obviously keen to find out what the doctor said. Tim doesn’t admit he never turned up for the appointment, instead pretending that he saw the doctor who reassured him that his impotence was nothing to worry about and was just a temporary after-effect of his heart surgery.

After pledging to not keep secrets from Sally ever again, Tim is once again playing a dangerous game that’s bound to lead to trouble when she finds out. But could the consequences of ignoring his health issues again turn out to be more serious?

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