Teen Mom Farrah Abraham SETS FIRE to Harvard sweater after calling her teachers 'sexist bullies'

FARRAH Abraham set fire to her Harvard University sweater – just days after slamming the prestigious school and its teachers.

The Teen Mom alum, 30, used a blow torch to burn a hole in the logo top, before filming it going up in flames.

Farrah filmed her efforts in a TikTok video, pouting at the camera as the flames took hold of the sweater.

The MTV star burned several holes in the garment and showed off the ruined result once the flames had died down.

She wrote in the video: "Thank you therapists. My mental health is more important then [sic] educational abuse. I feel better now."

The mother-of-one captioned it: "Off to Massachusetts, Harvard knows the law is the law #mentalhealth #healing #education."

Just one day earlier, Farrah had announced that she would be auctioning her Harvard shirt and donating the money to a mental health foundation.

Last week, the TV star blasted Harvard as "unsafe" and not "credible" in her one-star Yelp review. 

She claimed: "Harvard is pathetic and is educationally abusive to students."

In her review, she accused two teachers of keeping her "locked out of" zoom for "a course" that she paid for.

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Farrah claimed the two "are not responsible professionals" and that their bullying "student tactics" are allegedly "illegal and sexist."

Farrah also claimed she had disputed her tuition after "the teacher claimed [she] had a neurological issue."

The reality star alleged that Harvard's "teachers do not know how to teach online!" 

A spokesperson for Harvard University told TMZ that due to federal student privacy laws, the school will not be commenting on individual student academic matters.

Since leaving Teen Mom OG in 2017, Farrah – who is mom to daughter Sophia, 12 – has expressed interest in becoming a lawyer.


She previously posted on LinkedIn in May that she is working towards a Master of Liberal Arts from the Creative Writing and Literature Graduate Program at Harvard, thought many fans thought she was lying.

However, The Sun exclusively revealed in June that Farrah is enrolled at Harvard University for summer classes.

A rep for Harvard University exclusively revealed to The Sun that the ex TV star is enrolled at the school, stating: “We can confirm that Farrah is registered as of right now in online Summer courses.”

She is also a published author and recently responded to critics that have left negative reviews for her memoir – Dream Twenties- on Amazon.

While sharing a screenshot of the book’s listing on Amazon, Farrah wrote on her Instagram Story: “Haters leave me more negative comments.

“I’m shocked to see your trying to better yourself.”

Readers have previously slammed the TV personality's book after spotting several typos.

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