'The Hills: New Beginnings': What Does Mischa Barton Think of the Rest of the Cast?

The Hills is back in full force. Well, not exactly in its original form, but The Hills: New Beginnings is pretty darn close. It carries the sense of nostalgia of the 2000s show, full of drama and makeups and breakups, but is upgraded to match today’s times.

There are a lot of new twists to the show and most of those changes involve the cast.

For one, Lauren Conrad isn’t on the show.

“Lauren narrated the entire show before,” Brody Jenner told HollywoodLife of the differences between The Hills and the reboot. “This, I feel, has an entirely different feel. There’s more camera time and things like that with cast members and you get to see different dramas. It’s a whole different format for the show which is really cool. Kind of hard to get used to but it definitely adds a different element for viewers to see.”

The biggest switch up is the new cast members, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s son, Brandon Lee, and actress Mischa Barton.

What made Barton join the cast?

Barton rose to fame while acting on the hit 2000s show, The O.C. The series followed a group of young, rich teens as they lived in Orange County. Not unlike, The Hills.

The O.C. spawned all of this,” Barton told Buzzfeed News. “The O.C. was the mother to all of these shows like Laguna BeachThe HillsThe City, and all of that.”

And the show is still having an impact today.

“You realize there are only handfuls of shows that people take to heart and take to their living rooms and their bedrooms at night and truly care about so deeply,” she continued.

“I’m still amazed by the fans of The O.C. and I’m still amazed by its impact. I think that’s a beautiful thing in a world which is sometimes a little topsy turvy.”

The link between The Hills and The O.C. is part of what made Barton sign on to do the show.

“It does make me happy to see that these things are such a refuge and a fun way for people to really just disconnect and go off into Marissa Cooper land or The Hills land and, you know, enjoy that drama,” Barton said.

Barton was first asked to do The Hills reboot when she moved to a farm in upstate New York last year to get away from the entertainment industry.

“I heard a bunch of different ideas about it and I was just like, it’s not something that I will jump into blindly,” Barton said.

But after much thought, she finally decided to sign on.

What does Barton think of the cast?

Though it may seem weird that Barton joined a group of people who were supposedly already friends, it’s not really as strange as you might think.

Barton said that she actually knew most of the cast before filming, as she used to run in the same circles as Port and Patridge.

“This is not a bad group of friends, you know, they’re quite tight-knit and they are not vicious towards each other, usually,” she told the outlet.

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