Which characters died in Stranger Things season 3?

STRANGER Things is one of the most popular shows to grace giant streaming platform Netflix.

After a compelling teaser clip for season four was released on May 6, 2021, we will take a look the characters whose fate was sealed in the show's third installment.

Which characters died in Stranger Things season 3?

Billy Hargrove

Billy started the mind flayer's reign of terror as he was the first to become possessed in the series' opening episode.

He spent the whole series kidnapping people and bringing them to the Mind Flayer to be Flayed.

In the series finale, he snapped out of his trance when Eleven begged him not to kill her, and sacrificed himself to the mind flayer.

Heather Holloway

Heather fancied Billy and just wanted to have some fun with him over the summer.

Instead the lifeguard was tragically killed by Billy, who was possessed by the mind flayer and turned her into a member of the Flayed.

In order to create to much stronger monster, Heather was melted, along with her mother and other members of the Flayed.

Tom Holloway

The Editor-in-Chief of The Hawkins Post was also caught in the clutches of the monstrous mind-flyer.

He turned after bringing Billy over for dinner tried to hunt down Nancy & Jonathan in the Hawkins Memorial Hospital in captivating scenes.

He met his fate when Jonathan stabbed him in the neck with a pair of scissors.

Bruce Lowe

Hawkins Post journalist Bruce Lowe shot down all of Nancy's ideas for the paper, discrediting her at every turn.

When Nancy and Jonathan arrive Hawkins Memorial Hospital to try and find the Mind Flayer's new location, he pounced and did his best to try and kill them.

However, Nancy had the last laugh and she crushed Bruce's skull with a fire extinguisher.


Alexei was a Russian scientist working on the machine below the Starcourt Mall that make the gates to access the Upside Down.

Chief Hawkins police officer Hopper kidnapped Alexei to find out more about the Upside Down and mind flayer.

Sadly the scientist was killed at the fun fair and a Russian soldier shot him.


The soldier that killed Alexei was Grigori, but he soon met his end.

He also assaulted Hopper when he saw him and Joyce investigating the Hawkins National Laboratory.

The policeman got his own back and against the Russian machine underneath Starcourt, which completely ripped him apart.

The Mind Flayer

Joyce was able to turn the key which destroyed the machine and closed the gate between the real world and the Upside Down.

As a result the mind flayer collapsed and lost all its power.

Is this the last we have seen of the horrifying and all-encompassing creature?

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